Helping others is in my nature.  This book came so naturally to me, and I'm looking forward to writing the next.  Each book I promise to put the same amount of time and energy as it took to write this book.  This book is comprised of my sweat, blood, and tears.  I want people to read it not only for my benefit, but mainly for the benefit of the reader.  I spent several years with so much information about the law of attraction and cognitive therapy, and all the counseling theories I had learned through my education.  Though I still spent several years miserable, and caught in my own cycle of negative thoughts.  I was depressed and anxious most of the time.

I've just recently moved to another state, and I would have never been able to start all over like I have without the help of the tactics I've personally utilized in my book.  Sometimes our negativity runs so deeply, we don't even realize how negatively we constantly talk to and about ourselves on a regular basis.  This book will help you undo the damage of your past and move on to reach your full potential.  With the help of individual life coaching and implementing the steps in the book, you will be able to take your life and transform it into something you can be utterly excited about everyday.  

I will be running promotions from time to time on the book, so make sure to check out the site at various times if your purse strings are a little tight.  I understand.  I'm also willing to answer any questions, comments or concerns on my facebook page.