Who I Am

My name is Jessica Shaffer and I am a life coach and freelance writer among many other things.  This page is to help others realize their true potential through life coaching and/or through my book "Utilizing the Power of Positivity to Change your Life."

With my book I use cognitive therapy, the law of attraction, and personal stories to help compose a step by step process of changing negative thoughts and achieving your destiny. 

I specialize in teaching others the power of the law of attraction.  It is a truly powerful law that will in effect change your entire existence.  The book can help you get started learning the basics and starting to practice, but some may need more guidance through the process.  That is the purpose of a life coach, to really help guide you through the process of transforming yourself and your life into something that you can be abundantly happy about.  

We all have difficulties that we may face in life.  Sometimes it may help to have someone to not only converse with about your issues, but someone who is willing to show you another way to look at your problems.  Someone who can help you change those problems into beautiful solutions.  

I have a masters degree in counseling.  I like to focus on the present, because that's all we really have in life.  Life coaching sessions can take place over the phone, in person, or via facetime.  It is all about your preference and your location.  If you would like to hear more about life coaching sessions please contact me at your earliest convenience.

Visit or write me anytime on facebook at https://www.facebook.com/positivitybooks83/.  I'm happy to answer any questions, concerns, or help in any way.

Follow the link below to buy a copy of the book.  It is available through kindle or paperback.